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Diamonds are forever

Hello, I am Jeff the Jeweler owner of A Jewelry Stop Co. Thank you for stopping in. Our Galleria links above contain our current selection of Diamond semi mount wedding rings and wedding bands. We offer diamonds for all budgets, we cut out the high markup and give the savings to you! You can select from a variety of custom ring shanks and decorative diamond settings. Phone quotes and information 2pm to 8pm M-Sat 757-221-6694 - I will work with you - Personal service - 24 hour answering service

Click Buy suggestions Jump to 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1ct engagement rings and Close out Clearance Diamond Bands - All bands are in stock and ready to ship to you.

Wedding Bands

Please Visit our galleria Necklace, Bracelets

Diamond Engagement Ring is a American tradition. AJS Galleria represents the majority of quality and beautiful style rings available today in platinum and Solid Gold. We have wedding bands in a variety of styles and metal alloys. This site has over 1000 rings pictured. AJS can find the diamonds to match the setting of your choice. See our diamond page. All rings come with a warranty.

Your Budget
A budget is very important to set before buying. I will leave this to your better judgment. We offer diamonds for all budgets, we cut the high markup and give the savings to you!

Hearts on TopNew "Hearts On Top" can be added to your ring old or new! Octet, Tulip set, Solstice, and Bezel settings available. Please Call 757-221-6694

Your Time Table
We will meet your time table or we will not sell you a ring. Before you click and buy ask how long will it take! Some rings are hand made or not stocked in platinum and take additional time to manufacture.

Certifications - Appraisals
All items are or can be certified and appraised. Diamonds come with appraisals GIA, AGS or you can save hundreds of dollars by having a AJS certified appraisal for $60 and up - see our certification page!

Jeff the Jeweler G.G. , A.J.P. (GIA) , Graduate Gemologist, Certified Bench Jeweler, Artist, Appraiser.

A Jewelry Stop Co. is a authorized Elma Gil Dealer - Elma Gil Rings Movie Featuring Item Number IR55

Visit Elma Gil Web site to see all their rings - Call AJS 757-221-6694 - Personal one on one service

Canadian Diamonds

To keep my Your Warehouse Prices low I have discontinued my active data base costing thousands of dollars per year. If you would like to speak with an experience Diamond Professional call 757-221-6694 Jeff our Graduate Gemologist (GIA) would be glad to work with you. We honor all major credit cards through trusted payment by PayPal

AJS specialize in Canadian made because of the Beauty and High Value they have. Better quality cut = More brilliance - As seen on Ice Road Truckers same mines same quality same hard to reach places

A Jewelry Stop (AJS) offers diamonds for all budgets, we cut out high markups and give the savings to you! If you are new to buying diamonds please read over Diamond buying Tips below or call. Our diamond inspections rely on inch Certified GIA master Diamond set inch to verify all certificates for your safety. All Diamonds sold by AJS are tested in our Gemological Lab by a Certified Gemologist.

Elma Gil Diamond Ring 18k Gold Platinum

Things to consider when shopping for a diamond

Not Just size, color and clarity make a good looking diamond

1. Caret - Size of diamond (1/8 carat to 10+ carat) Usually determined by the ring you choose!

2. Cut - Quality applies to all shapes and sizes - Poor to Ideal (Ideal only applies to round diamonds) AGS 0, or Hearts Arrows style - quality of cut can vary Your Warehouse Price by 50% - Poorly cut diamonds have little brilliance ( result in a low Your Warehouse Price) and fire (flashes of color) and uneven facets - off center culet - large culet = large see through center of diamond - other unwanted items include large girdles that add weight not beauty - Poor cuts can result in small looking diamonds for example a 1ct that has the width of a 3/4ct diamond.

3. Color of diamond (D to Z) or Fancy Champaign, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue

4 Clarity of diamond (Flawless to I3)

5. Cut (round, Princess, oval, emerald, heart, and many more) many rings can be modified to accept all shapes!

Questions call 757-221-6694 I would be glad to work with you to find a quality ring of your dreams. We honor all major credit cards through PayPal

Elma Gil Diamond Ring 18k Gold Platinum

A Jewelry Stop Lab uses GIA master diamonds for grading bad certificates that can leave you paying more than you should.

AJS specialize in Canadian made because of the Beauty and High Value they have. Better quality cut = More brilliance

We have access to large inventories of 5 billion of dollars of diamonds and color gems from over 500 diamond sources. We have established accounts at major USA metal manufactures.

Jeff our jeweler is a GIA graduate gemologist, and is bench certified. He knows how to set each special gem in the setting of your choice. We will deliver a quality product or your money back (see our shipping warranty page for details.) Each diamond is certified by the gemological laboratory of your choice but we recommend GIA, AGS, Canadian or by Jeff our GIA gemologist using GIA lab master sets and standards.

Conflict Diamonds - We do not sell conflict diamonds. AJS is a promoter of the Kimberly Process. Many of our suppliers are direct site holders with De Beers and purchase diamond rough directly from the De Beers company.

Laser drilled and glass filled - We do not sell this type of Diamond! Enhanced diamonds can not be fully certified. Once a diamonds is enhanced the value is greatly reduced.

Man Made Diamonds - We do not sell this type of diamond.

Have a great day! Jeff the Jeweler


Carat Weight Diamonds

diamond wedding band

GIA Color Scale

D - E Colorless F Colorless for .50 Ct. or less
 G - J Near Colorless
 K - M Faint Yellow
 N - R Very Light Yellow
 S - Z Light Yellow
 Z+ Fancy

 Clarity Grades Flawless (FL) Flawless diamonds show no blemishes or inclusions when examined by a skilled and experienced grader under 10X magnification Internally Flawless (IF) Internally Flawless diamonds show no inclusions and only slight blemishes under 10X magnification.
Very - Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2) VVS diamonds contain minute inclusions that are difficult for even a skilled grader to locate under 10X magnification.

 Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2) VS stones contain minor inclusions ranging from difficult (VS1) to somewhat easy (VS2) for trained grader to see under 10X magnification.

Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2) SI stones contain noticeable inclusions which are easy (SI1) or very easy (SI2) to see under 10X magnification. In some cases SIs, inclusions can be seen with the unaided eye.

Included (I1, I2 and I3) I graded diamonds contain inclusions which are obvious to a trained grader under 10X magnification, can often be easily seen face-up with the unaided eye, seriously affecting the stone potential durability, or are so numerous they affect transparency and brilliance.

1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1ct engagement rings and Wedding Bands I will work with you - not all diamonds are the same!

American Gem Society (AGS) grade parameters of zero (0) is ideal (round diamonds only)

AGS cut grade table

AGS cut grade table

AGS cut grade table

A new Canadian company bought out Sirius they offer cuts listed below.

Canadian diamonds are premium diamonds and come with certificates stating mined, cut and polished in Canada.

Canadian Diamonds cuts

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