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Cameo Animal Agate

Buying cameos can be confusing. 1.Pick out your cameo write down the item number or name of cameo. 2.Select size noted with the cameo photo. 3.Then select your color black, red, green, or blue. 4.If you want a frame then select frames page. 5.Then call or Email your order 1-757-221-6694
Prices are for High Quality German Agate cameos. Size determines Your Warehouse Price - Smaller size less detail - Allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery - For 2-5 day delivery see

Talk to our Jeweler about your cameo needs 757-221-6694 - Your Warehouse Prices start at $40 plus shipping

Dolphin Cameo Ring

Dolphin Cameo Ring

Dolphin Cameo Ring

Dolphin Cameo Ring

Cameo agate Horses 6349-9, Cameo agate Horses 247, Cameo agate Cats Item Cats01

Hourse cameo 6349-9 Agate Lady Cameo 247 Black Red Green BlueCameo Cats01

Agate Cameo The Hunt horseAgate Cameo Horse with rider Black green red 337

Cameo agate Horses 333, Cameo agate Horses 337

Agate Cameo Horse dog Man 317 black red green blueAgate Cameo Horse and buggyAgate Cameo Horse Woman

Cameo agate Horses 317, Cameo agate Horses 313, Cameo agate Horses 315

Cameo GrayHound Cameo Wild Horses Mare and Foal

Cameo agate 14rd Gray hound, Cameo agate Horses wild, Cameo agate mare and foal

HourseLucky horse

Cameo agate Horses 373, Cameo agate lucky Horse

DogCameo HourseCameo CatCameo Dog

Cameo agate Dog 365, Cameo agate Dog 356, Cameo agate Dog 349, Cameo agate Dog 346

Cameo DogCameo DogCameo DogCameo Dog

Cameo agate Dog 345, Cameo agate Dog 344, Cameo agate Dog 343, Cameo agate Dog 342

Cameo Schnauzer 20x15mm Black and white or green and white or red and white


Scottie Cameo 30x22mm custom made (one of a kind) Retail $3,600 USD

Call AJS 1-757-221-6694 or Email for more information

Scottie Cameo

Cameo CatCameo HorseCameo CatCameo Cat

Cameo Horse 268, Cameo agate horse 312, Cameo agate Cat 297, Cameo agate Cat 295

Cameo CatCameo Horse Pegasus Cameo Horse Black Beauty

Cameo agate Cat 293, Cameo agate Pegasus, Cameo agate Black beauty Horse

Cameo Horse Sally Cameo Unicorn

Cameo agate Sally horse, Cameo agate unicorn

Cameo Horse Morning Wind Cat 6818 18x13mm , 25x18mm

Cameo agate morning wind, Cameo Agate Cat 6818


Cameo agate Cat , Cameo agate Dolphin

Item 316 Cameo Panda

Item Panda Cameo Black and White

Agate Cameo Rose 209

Cameo 209 Flowers

Agate Cameo 81 Flowers

Cameo 80 Flowers

Agate Cameo 81 Flowers

Cameo 81 Flowers

Agate Cameo Candles 198

Cameo 198 Flowers

cameo Ballerina

Cameo 250 agate Ballerina

Cameo sea

Agate Cameo Dolphin and sea mermaid 35x27mm

Cameo Mermaid

Cameo agate Mermaid #2 20x15mm

Cameo agate mermaid Cameo red mermaid

Agate Cameo Neptune #1 18x13mm

Cameo Skull

Agate skull 15x10mm, 20x13mm fancy

 Prices vary greatly by size for additional agate, and time to produce. Your Warehouse Prices $40 and up

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